Tech Topics

While I do professional development-related speaking in my personal time, my work as an attorney provides me with the opportunity to do a significant amount of speaking on legal topics. Below are some topics I’ve addressed in previous speeches to groups, arranged by audience:

Speaking Topics for Small Businesses/Individuals Starting a Business

  •  The basics of entity selection
  •  Nuts and bolts of recordkeeping and tax planning
  • Tips for selecting your team of advisors, and working with them as efficiently as possible
  • Employee v. independent contractor status for tax purposes
  • Tax filing obligations for your business


Speaking Topics for Business Owners and Executives

  • Using non-qualified deferred compensation plans to incentivize employees
  • Business tax and succession planning considerations
  • Estate planning considerations for business owners
  • Questions to ask before selecting or changing the tax classification of your business
  • Questions you need to ask (and documents you need to review) before buying into a business

Speaking Topics for Attorneys Practicing Primarily in Areas other than Tax Law

  • Tax developments and considerations for solo and small law practitioners
  • Capitalization and deductibility of costs involved in maintaining and equipping real estate
  • Partnership audit rule basics for business attorneys
  • The importance of integrating a client’s estate plan with the succession plan for his/her business
  • Valuation-related considerations for closely-held businesses

Speaking Topics for Legit Tax Geeks (and Anyone Else who Enjoys Speeches where the Jokes Involve Code Sections)

  •  Current developments in S corporation taxation
  •  Drafting operating agreement and partnership agreement language to address the partnership audit rules
  • Allocating risk under between audit year partners and exam year partners under the partnership audit rules
  • Structuring nonqualified deferred compensation plans to be compliant with IRC Section 409A