You’re a high performing Type A superstar who has distinguished herself from everyone around her. And that is awesome.

Having said that, your status as a high performing, Type A superstar carries with it what I affectionately refer to as “Type A Problems.” A Type A superstar usually receives more opportunities to change firms, companies, locales, or even careers than her contemporaries. She is typically also presented with significant career decisions at earlier points in her career. The perfectionism and drive that initially fuel her professional achievements can quickly trigger burn out, boredom, or a lost sense of herself and priorities (both professional and personal).

Here is the biggest Type A Problem: While we Type As have no problem regaling others with tales of every achievement, award, or accolade we’ve received from preschool to the present day, we are much less willing to speak openly and honestly about the challenges we are facing and the uncertainties we are grappling with as we figure out who we want to be, what we want to do, and how we’re going to get there. We’re also less willing to discuss those instances where things did not turn out as we had hoped, and what we did to move past them without letting our perfectionism tear us apart. 

My intent in creating this blog is to start some of those hard conversations, with a delicious candy coating of humor and gratuitous pop culture references. I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on these topics – good, bad, or otherwise. (Side note: I do moderate comments, but only to ensure that that people are not engaging in disrespectful conversations with one another or using my blog to market whatever pyramid scheme they may have gotten themselves involved with.)

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