Professional Development Topics

In addition to the technical speeches I give as part of my work as an attorney, I also speak on various professional development-related topics in my personal time. The list below summarizes many of the non-legal professional development topics I cover: 

  • Getting into the VIP Section: Becoming the Go-To Referral for Other Service Professionals Working with Your Target Clients

  • Don’t be “That Person”: Marketing Your Technical Expertise without Looking Like a Pompous Know it All

  • Your Professional Development Plan: Care and Feeding Instructions for Your Career

  • Non-Billable Shouldn’t Mean Non-Productive: Strategically Selecting Non-Billable Endeavors that Align with Your Personal and Professional Goals

  • “Are You My Mentor?”: Identifying those People Who Should Be Your Mentors…and Those Who Should Not

  • Networking from Your Comfort Zone: A Primer for People who Hate Adhesive Nametags and Appetizers

  • Leaving Your Comfort Zone: Don’t Shed Your Authenticity when You Need it Most

  • Sadly, Not Everyone is Psychic: The Importance of Raising Your Hand Instead of Waiting for Opportunities to Find You